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got a boo boo?

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

At one time or another each of our daughters have been obsessed with Band Aids. Abigail and Hattie both went through it between age 4 and 5 and now it is Laura’s turn.

The number of boo boos that Laura has is directly proportional to the number of princess Band Aids in the house. Laura did not “need” a Band Aid for the past few weeks. The bandage box was down to the random Buzz Lightyear and plain assortment. Not desirable for princess Laura. She told me that I needed to get more Band Aids and punctuated that by saying, “make sure you write that down, okay Mommy?” So I got a box of princess bandages the next time I was at the store (and yes, the only reason I got them is because she made me put them on my list). Somehow when Laura got home from preschool, she knew. She sensed the new princesses in the house. Tiara intuition maybe? By the end of the day she had 3 boo boos plastered with Band Aids. She looked like she had lost a fight with a tape dispenser.

A few days later she got a scrape on her arm and really needed a bandage. Laura headed upstairs to choose which¬†Band Aid she wanted. By the time I got upstairs she had already stuck the bandage on her arm and told me that she put the “gooey stuff” on there but it was burning. The gooey stuff is supposed to be Neosporin ointment. Much to my surprise Laura had coated her arm with Oragel by mistake. That resulted in the removal of the chosen bandage, washing the goop off of her arm and starting over. Poor princess.

Luckily Laura has learned to trust me when it comes to bandage removal (that process used to be WAR) so it has all gotten easier. Like all other things, this phase will pass and she will join her sisters who scoff at cartoon bandages. I, however, end up wearing them all the time.

gone again…

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Once again, summer has come and gone. I now have a 5th grader, a 2nd grader and a preschool senior well on their way into another school year. Where has the time gone?

We had a fantastic summer. We spent precious time with family and friends. We lazed on the beach and splashed at the pool. Abigail turned 10 while she was away at camp. We went to the movies and the library when it was too hot to breathe. We spent just enough time doing absolutely nothing. Robert and I skated into our 15th year of marriage. It was a perfect triad of months.

It was a summer of projects. For my anniversary present to Robert, I painted our bedroom a soothing shade of green while he was in China on business. I know, it is sad that I gave that to my husband but, the gift part is that he didn’t have to do it when he got home. You’ll just have to get over it…we’re pretty low key that way. The other project was Abigail’s room. Ever since our youngest, Laura, was born, Abigail and Hattie have shared a room. With Abigail knocking on the door to tweendom, it was time for her to have her own space. So, while Abigail was away at camp we moved Hattie to the top bunk, moved Laura to the bottom bunk and redecorated Laura’s old room for Abigail. Somehow, we not only pulled it off but we all managed to keep the secret until she walked in the door. She was floored. And we were exhausted. By the way, dressers that come in flat boxes will suck the life out of you if you didn’t already know.

At the end of our hiatus, we were all feeling accomplished, sunned and rested. Just in time for school! As much as I love the lazy ‘don’t have to be anywhere’ days of summer, I also relish the school year schedule. I am up to my eyeballs in PTA/room mom duties and all of the school year pandemonium. Crazy as it may be, I love it! The weeks whip by and the weekends are even faster. Before we know it, Christmas will have come and gone and summer will be upon us again. I’m ready already!