…a sad state of affairs…

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Something happened today that I must write about. I cannot help myself.

First a little bit of history…

For those of you who are not up to speed on the SEC, Toomer’s Corner is the cherished celebration site at Auburn University. It is comprised of a large intersection anchored by Toomer’s Drug store. There are several huge oak trees opposite the drug store and the tradition is to roll the trees at Toomer’s with toilet paper. The drug store and oaks have both been there since before the earth cooled and the tradition is long standing. (Auburn historians please forgive any errors – I’m doing the best I can.) I know it is rolled after football wins. I’m not sure about other events although I’m sure they exist.

Today news broke that someone put a lethal dose of herbicide all around the base of the 130 year old oak trees with the intention of killing them. The prognosis for the trees is not good. The culprit even called in to a nationally syndicated radio show to brag. I cannot believe that any “fan” would do such a thing.

I am a die hard Alabama fan. I will be for the rest of my life. Auburn is my team’s #1 rival. I understand getting wrapped up in the crowd at the game. I can imagine screaming the fight song after a hard fought win. Been there. Done that. I get so engrossed that I yell at the TV. In my own living room. Hundreds of miles from any player, coach or referee that might possibly hear my plea. But I cannot fathom planning the malicious destruction of anything belonging to the “other team”. What would possibly drive a person that far? And just what would they accomplish? I am at a loss. Comprehension of this is beyond my reach. At the end of the day, even though I am a committed fan, my allegiance to my team is pretty low on the totem pole. There are so many things in my life and in this world that are more important.

To all Auburn fans, I am so sorry that some idiot attacked your sacred stomping grounds. There is no acceptable explanation or excuse. Please do not lump all other fans in the same category as this jackwagon of a criminal. The vast majority of us wouldn’t even dream up such a horrible deed.

…and be sure to roll ’em while you got ’em…

off to the races…

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I have just bid my husband adieu as he heads out the door on a four day whirlwind tour of the southeast.  The purpose, you might ask?  Two very promising job interviews.  Finally!

Robert just completed a year back at Auburn University to finish the degree he started 15 years ago.  After graduating (cum laude, I might add) in August, his part time job search quickly became all encompassing.  It has been a roller coaster of emotion.  Waiting for the phone to ring or email to ding.  Watching the job postings dwindle as the economy continues to suffer.  Listening to Robert report on yet another phone call with someone who thinks he’s great but doesn’t have the money to hire him right now.

Frustrating does not begin to cover how we feel.  For me, I know that Robert can do anything if given the chance.  He has been successful with everything he’s ever done.  But with most companies requiring an online application just to get a phone call, it is very difficult to separate yourself from the masses of other applicants.  Last summer, Robert couldn’t get past the online stage because he never finished his degree and could not check the degree box.  Automatic elimination quickly ensued.  I understand that companies have their pick of the litter these days but I think they are missing out on a whole group of highly talented and capable candidates just because they don’t perfectly fill the cookie cutter.  Now that Robert can “check the degree box”, no one is hiring.  It seems that the job market is all about who you know.  What happens when everyone you know is just trying to keep their own head above water?

Enough time on the soap box.  We are down to our last month of job searching.  Robert has these 2 interviews and we have a back-up plan. I know in my heart that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that we have been through this trial on purpose.  We have discovered more about ourselves and each other and grown closer as a family.  We have learned who our true friends are and how fortunate we are to have them.  But we are tired.  Limbo is an exhausting place to be.

As our Uncle Will says, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”  My alarm is ringing…time to get up!