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she left 8…and came back 9…

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

As usual, Abigail blossomed over the summer.  This year she started violin.  She read the first 4 Harry Potter books and is halfway through the 5th.  She has made a multitude of crafty masterpieces and science experiments.  It is her favorite time of year.  There is something about getting up with no agenda that brings out the creative spirit in all of my children.  They love to stay in their pajamas all day and “forget” to brush their hair.  It is free and fun.

About a month ago, Abigail went to camp for the first time.  It was a 10 day experience like no other.  She had a ball.  She tried new activities and made new friends.  She also happened to be there on her birthday.  We had a little party before she went to camp and they celebrated during camp so she was able to stretch the occasion out over almost a week.  Joy for her…hard for Mom to be away from her on that special day!

While she was gone, Hattie, Laura and I went to North Carolina with my parents to visit relatives.  We had a great time too.  But I missed her.  Oh, how I missed her.  So much so that when I finally crept my way through the line of Suburbans to find her on pickup day, it was like one of those cheesy chick flicks.  I spotted her and she saw me and I leapt out of the van and we ran for each other.  I couldn’t squeeze her tight enough.  My eyes were filled with tears of joy.  I had reunited with my love.  Of course it only took her about 15 seconds to say, “Mom!  That’s enough!”  I let her know how important she is to me and I almost embarrassed her in public.  I must be doing something right!

She gained confidence and perspective while at camp…two things that are so very important at this age.  Whoever equated children to sponges was a genius.  They soak up everything.  As a parent, I have to accept that they will learn plenty without me.  They do not NEED me to teach them everything.  Of course they get information at school but they glean information from their surroundings all day long.  Abigail is very observant.  She is starting to notice people and their behavior.  She is learning those hard lessons about why people do some of the dumb and hurtful things that they do.  I hate to see her innocent view of the world tarnished but the real world is out there, like it or not.

I am so proud of the person she has thus far chosen to be.  Of course she has her moments.  We all do.  I had several today.  But for the most part, she is a loving, kind, thoughtful child.  Robert and I are completely, unashamedly in love with her and we can’t wait to see what she does next!