the first 50….

I’ve just returned home from a visit to my parent’s house.  While we were there, my entire family congregated to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  That’s right, 50 years!

The importance of this anniversary is not lost on me.  In a time when marriages are thrown away like used tissues, having parents that are still together after 50 years is becoming more and more unusual.  My parents have experienced many of the things that now tear couples apart.  Financial strain, the loss of a child, moving away from everyone you have ever known to start a new job, the ebb and flow of friends and family.  They have also weathered the inevitable storms that arise when raising children.  Especially the 3 headstrong, highly opinionated, sassy children like me and my brothers!  Through it all, my parents have remained true to each other in every way.

We weren’t able to be together on their exact anniversary because my parents were on an Alaskan cruise as their gift to each other.  As we were all around the table last night, my brothers mentioned how giddy and childlike my parents acted in the weeks before their trip.  In talking to them, they sounded like little kids excited about a week at the beach.  For me and my brothers, that was the best gift of all.  Not only are they still together, but they also still enjoy being together.

I can only hope that at our 50th anniversary, Robert and I are still happy just being together.  12 down, only 38 to go!!


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