wish list

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

There are a lot of things I wish I could do well.  One of them is to play tennis.  Every year, I watch the grand slam events almost obsessively.  This obsession started in high school.  Two of my best friends are great tennis players and I loved to watch them play.

Currently, I am watching the US Open.  I just watched Melanie Oudin lose to Caroline Wozniacki.  The talent of these teenagers is nothing short of awesome.  They are unbelievably good and between the two of them, they have taken out many of the top seeded players in the first week of the tournament.

The only other sport I watch this intently is college football.  Alabama football to be exact.  But I have absolutely no desire to play football.  Tennis, on the other hand, looks fun.  I think I might be able to play doubles if I were a little more flexible.  And coordinated.  And quick on my feet.  And in shape.  And owned a racket….

For now, I am happy to live vicariously through my television as I watch athletes half my age duke it out on center court.  What’s my excuse?  I have 3 little girls age 8 and under.  That’s got to be harder than tennis!