does that make me a gamer?

I’ve always thought that “gamers” were people who played Dungeons and Dragons or belonged to role-playing clubs.  Now I’m not so sure.

I’ve always loved games.  I played card games with my parents from an early age.  Puzzles and board games too.  As I’ve gotten older, I have started enjoying crosswords, logic puzzles, sudoku, etc.  Almost every evening after the girls are in bed, I collapse on the sofa with the dog and my laptop and start my daily fix of “puzzling”.  That would usually include a couple of online crosswords and sudoku.  Perfectly harmless, right?

When Abigail started kindergarten a few years ago, she began learning about computers in school.  We decided that she deserved to have supervised computer time at home as well.  We let her have 30 minutes each day once any homework was finished and we found a number of good sites for her to choose from.  Now that Hattie has begun school, she has 30 minutes each day as well.

The girls tend to play dress-up, make-up and cooking games.  Abigail is starting to enjoy less juvenile games like the original Mario, etc.  A couple of weeks ago, she discovered a game called Woobies.  The point is to “rescue” some furry little creatures before they are crushed.  It sounds barbaric but it couldn’t be more innocent.  Unfortunately, she showed it to me and I tried it.

I am shamelessly hooked.  I can’t wait to get done with whatever I’m doing so I can have a few moments to play another level on my laptop.  Plus I can’t seem to win so that adds fuel to the fire. In my defense, all of my books, sewing and scrap booking supplies are in boxes in the mini warehouse for a few more months.  All of my hobbies are packed away leaving me only the laptop to occupy idle time.

Then a few days ago, a friend recommended the game “Typing Maniac” on Facebook. I’ve never been a highly competitve person but this has opened the flood gates.

I guess I’ve answered my own question.  I have become a gamer.  Is that bad?  😉

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