baby no more…

It’s official.  I don’t have a baby any more.

Laura turns 3 today and has now exited babyhood.  She is not a toddler either – she stopped “toddling” almost 2 years ago.  I guess she falls in the generic category of “child”.  I must say though, that the word “child” doesn’t seem complicated enough to encompass Laura’s current state of being.

She is at a point where she is mastering the potty.  She knows where her pajamas are kept.  She recognizes her favorite songs within the first few notes.  She can tell you what is wrong, what she wants and that she loves you.  When she says I love you, she says it so sincerely that it will melt you in an instant.  She is developing quite a sense of humor.  Her favorite saying of late is “buckle up Buttercup” from a cruise advertisement.  She says it all the time just to get a laugh.  She also knows what the rules are and when she is breaking them.  Just a few days ago, she swiped my cell phone from the counter and ran off to hide in her room.  By the time my father called to tell me about his conversation with her, she had not only called him but also my brother and father-in-law.  Twice.  I walked into her room to retrieve my phone and she said “Go away, Mommy, I’m talking!”  Did I mention sassy?

We are blessed with 3 very intelligent, goofy, kind, silly, beautiful girls and we are thankful for them every day.  That being said, most days are like roller coasters.  Guess we’d better buckle up!

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